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We Eat Like Donald Trump For A Day 6 minutes, 5 seconds
36 Questions Women Have For Men 3 minutes
$3 Takeout Vs. $129 Takeout 15 minutes, 24 seconds
I Solved The Disappearance Of My Dad's Best Friend 33 minutes, 12 seconds
People Share Their Virginity Horror Stories 7 minutes, 34 seconds
Roasting My Ex Co-Workers From BuzzFeed 11 minutes, 55 seconds
Millennial Women Find Out How Basic They Are 11 minutes, 14 seconds
Walmart Employees Share Secrets 7 minutes, 0 seconds
Can This Chef Make Hot Dogs Fancy? • Tasty 10 minutes, 7 seconds
We Tried 100 Squats A Day For 30 Days 12 minutes, 17 seconds
Do You Have Photographic Memory? 3 minutes, 14 seconds
Astronaut Plays Never Have I Ever 7 minutes, 35 seconds
How I Found Out My Family Was In The Mafia 6 minutes, 41 seconds
We Ordered All The Dumplings From Din Tai Fung 8 minutes, 40 seconds
What's The Best Movie From Your State? 14 minutes, 47 seconds
I Tried To Solve A Murder In Animal Crossing 15 minutes, 36 seconds
Are Merle And Aria Faking Their Relationship? 9 minutes, 1 second
I Tie-Dyed An Entire Outfit Using Vegetables 11 minutes, 21 seconds
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